Why choose our encrypted email service? We'll here are some very good reasons:

End-to-End Encryption

Messages are stored on servers in encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format.

Zero Data Knowledge

Data is encrypted at all steps. Because of this, we cannot decrypt or share your data with third parties.

Antispam | Antivirus

Spam identification and tagging with SpamAssassin + Razor + Pyzor. Virus blocking with ClamAV.

Runs Everywhere

Accessible through Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, WAP and compatible with almost all web browser and clients.


Servers are located in Greenhouse Datacenter. Excellent uptime garantee and newest UPS technology

Based in Netherland

It has one of the highest privacy standards in EU. Ranked 4th in F.o.S. 1st in EU to enact a network neutrality law.

Tor Friendly

Website, email and hosting are reachable over Tor. Stay anonymous and take care of your Privacy.

Easy to use

Send and receive encrypted emails just like you would do with other provider. Encryption has never been so easy.

Incognito Mode

No personal information is required to create your account. We don't keep IP logs which can be linked to you.

100% Open Source

All the software we use along with cryptographic libraries are open source. Long life to FOSS community.

Free 24×7/365 Support

We provide free lifetime support for all email and hosting packages, making our customers life as easy as possible

Cloud Storage

Access your data through a secure web interface, sync clients or WebDAV protocol. Share across devices easily

Free basic account
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500 MB of account storage + 100 MB of cloud storage
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basic web interface to manage your account.

Basic Knowledge

Welcome to digitalEnvelopes! Here you can find the information you need to start using our service. Also if you have any problem have a look at the specific support section.

Getting Started

All you need to know to start using digitalEnvelopes

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Email client

Help for the most common clients


A brief explanation on how does it work

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Webmail HowTo

How to use Roundcube and Rainloop


Help for your mobile device

Server details

digitalEnvelopes servers details

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Have any question?

Check out our little handy FAQ’s here

What does the name "digitalEnvelopes" stand for?

A digital envelope, also known as a digital wrapper, is a kind of Communications security that uses two layers of encryption to protect a message. You use a digital envelope to protect a digital document from being readable to anyone other than the intended recipient. You can think it as the electronic equivalent of putting your writing into a sealed envelope. The envelope is a secure electronic data container that is used to protect a message with encryption and data authentication. That means you encrypt the information so that only the intended recipient can decrypt it.listed. Follow this link for more info.

Do you delete inactive accounts / recycle email addresses?

We do not delete inactive premium accounts but we do delete free account inactive for more than 6 months. If you want your account deleted, you can do it by sending a request to us. Your deleted email address (also if it is an alias) will not be recycled for security reasons. There should be no possibility that someone else is able to register your previously used email address, and then, by accident, receive a confidential email that was meant for you.

How to use digitalEnvelopes ?

digitalEnvelopes is very easy to use. From the start we focused on usability and kept the encryption process in the background. You do not have to install anything or worry about key handling. digitalEnvelopes is as easy to use as Gmail or any other webmail service.

You can start right away using digitalEnvelopes. If any question remains, check our how-to.

Can I use digitalEnvelopes anonymously?

Yes. Upon registration you do not need to provide any personal data. We will also make it possible to pay our premium features with Bitcoin. We do not log IP addresses. The IP addresses of sent and received emails are also stripped so that your location remains unknown.

How can I upgrade my account ?

If you want to upgrade your account simply login into the billing panel at https://billing.digitalenvelopes.eu

How do I access digitalEnvelopes myCloud ?

To log on to digitalEnvelopes myClud browse to https://mycloud.digitalenvelopes.eu and enter your email address and your password. The same credentials that you use to log on to your mail box.


Feel free to ask any question at any time using the form aside.

Please be patient while waiting for response. (24/7 Support!)

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